Equine Involved Opportunities


The Stable Connection


Sharing experiences with horses

for better lives with humans

The Essential Role of Horses: 

Assets to the Overall Well-Being and Learning Capacity of Humans 

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The Stable Connection is committed to serving the community as a valuable resource for families, organizations, schools, and businesses offering experiential learning opportunities in the "stable" environment. Although many of our participants have never been around horses, they experience the captivating mystique of these noble creatures primarily in unmounted activities that champion emotional, intellectual, and social development as well as teamwork and leadership skills.

We build custom programs that meet the specific needs of each client with the goal of helping people make meaningful changes in their lives resulting in a better quality of life. Experiential learning is magnified when partnering with horses and the activities are fun and engaging.


Character Development, Team Building, & Leadership


 beneficial for businesses, civic organizations, youth groups, and public and private schools.

To have a fulfilled life, there are character qualities each individual needs. Our programs build  Leadership & Communication skills & reinforce Self-Initiative, Positive Values, & Social Skills 

Literacy & Academic Enhancement


Reading comprehension and practical math are essential skills for a child to develop a strong sense of well-being. As we incorporate Academic Standards into activities, our goal is to inspire youth to want the fun & empowerment of learning.

Our activities reinforce the well known saying that

"Knowledge is Power!"

PTSD, Anxiety, & Survivors of Violence 


Equine guided activities can help individuals with anxiety disorders and PTSD regain confidence and a sense of security. In learning to master  handling a horse, participants  can begin changing their thoughtlife and will have learned how to have better control over their own thought patterns and reactions.

Essential Horsemanship


 Students learn how to handle, groom, & care for the horse that is their partner. It is through horses, using knowledgeable Horsemanship, that activities can have a special influence on their human partners. 

Learning vital signs, gait patterns,  nutrition, body language, etc helps keep our equine partners safe, happy, & healthy.