Our Vision

Equine-Involved opportunities with Arabian and Half-Arabian horses are utilized and valued as a resource for youth growth, development, and success into adulthood

Our Mission
We partner with individuals, governments, civic clubs, academic organizations including schools and universities to employ engaging Equine-Involved opportunities with Arabian and Half-Arabian horses that teach and instill developmental assets and provide academic enhancement resulting in positive youth development.
We Value
In our work, internally and externally, we value:
  • Diversity: We employ experiential learning via the modalities of learning – visual, auditory, kinesthetic - in cooperation with other stakeholders, academic institutions, various organizations, and families with a variety of perspectives and experiences designed to impart positive growth in youth
  • Equity: We strive to understand socio-economic and cultural diversity, opportunity, justice, and power in order to eliminate barriers, recognize strengths, and meet the needs of all.
  • Curiosity: We give meaning, purpose, and realized benefits to learning and participants are inspired to self-initiate learning opportunities beyond the equine environment.
  • Scientific rigor: Our programs are grounded in high-quality research, peer-reviewed and published studies, industry-related best practices, and proven techniques that best contribute to positive youth growth and development.
  • Youth focus: Positive youth growth and development that leads to thriving adulthood is the ultimate purpose of all we do.
  • Relationships: We strive to build respectful, developmental and cross-cultural relationships.
  • Horses: We remain attentive to the needs of the horses that participate in the program, protect them from inappropriate handling and/or treatment, and are grateful to be involved with these kind creatures that can facilitate a better quality of life as they teach human partners.

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3695 Georgia Road

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